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Noel Gallagher
Beady Eye
Liam Gallagher

Carry us all

i heard a whisper on my radio
i paid no mind
just sat back and i let it go
to catch the rain from a lonely waterfall
but i might beware
coz they could drown me like a doll

they got me running in and out of time
i feel like i'm bona fide
the keeper of right and wrong
and i've known all along
so let me just make it clear

everybody's gone for a quick sure fire solution
but faith in any god will only bury us all
no one's gonna fight in a ten bob revolution
have faith in what you've got
and it will carry us all
carry us all

i slip my skin as the prophets reappear
but i pay no mind
i'm just trying to persevere
with the sins i have to shake from me within
but i might beware
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