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Em (022000)
B7 (x24242)
G  (320033)
C  (x30210)
Am (x02210)

Em                 B7
A feeling sleeping deep inside, 
Em                  B7
You hide it so I'll never find.
Em                  B7
Today I think I'll waste my time
Em                 B7
you never notice, you are blind
Em                    B7
the dream I have can never be
Em                     B7
to photograph what the eye can't see
Em                B7
I fight to live another day
Em                  B7
I live to find out, come what may

Am                                    Em
Faith in the lord is something I can never have
Am                                  Em
Faith in my sister is gonna set me free
Am                                    Em
Faith in the lord is something I will never have
Am                                          B7
Cause the lord I know dont got not faith in me

         Em    C    G    B7
Your my love-----------------r (x4)

She gives me light when the sun goes down
She gives the strength when I don't drown
She gives me hope and destiny
She gives me air that I can breathe erfasst Besucherdaten und wertet diese mit Matomo aus.
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