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Let there be love

Uk-Release: 28.11.2005
Deutschland-Release: 25.11.2005

Sittin' here in silence (on my own)
Rock 'n' Roll Star (live at City of Manchester Stadium - 2 July 2005)
The importance of being idle

Uk-Release: 22.08.2005
Deutschland-Release: 22.08.2005

Pass me down the wine
The quiet ones

Uk-Release: 16.05.2005
Deutschland-Release: 17.05.2005

Eyeball Tickler
Won't let you down

Uk-Release: 03.02.2003
Deutschland-Release: 10.03.2003

(You've got) The heart of a star
Columbia (live)
Little by little

Deutschland-Release: 25.11.2002

My Generation
Columbia (live)
Little by little / She is love

Uk-Release: 23.09.2002

She is love
My Generation
Stop crying your heart out

Uk-Release: 17.06.2002
Deutschland-Release: 24.06.2002

Thank you for the good times
Shout it out loud
The hindu times

Uk-Release: 15.04.2002

Just getting older
Idler's dream
Sunday Morning Call

Uk-Release: 03.07.2000

Carry us all
Full on
Who feels love?

Uk-Release: 17.04.2000

One way road
Helter Skelter
Go let it out

Uk-Release: 07.02.2000

Let's all make believe
(As long as they've got) Cigarettes in hell
Don't go away

Japan-Release: 19.02.1998

Cigarettes & Alcohol (live)
Sad song
Fade away (Warchild Version)
All around the world

Uk-Release: 12.01.1998

The fame
Street fighting man
Stand by me

Uk-Release: 22.09.1997

(I got) The fever
My sister lover
Going nowhere
D'you know what I mean?

Uk-Release: 07.07.1997

Stay young
Angel child (Demo)
Champagne Supernova

Australien-Release: 13.05.1996

Slide away
Don't look back in anger

Uk-Release: 19.02.1996

Step out
Underneath the sky
Cum on feel the noize

Uk-Release: 30.10.1995

Round are way
The swamp song
The masterplan
Morning Glory

Australien-Release: 15.09.1995

It's better people
Rockin' chair
Live forever (Live at Glastonbury '95)
Roll with it

Uk-Release: 14.08.1995

It's better people
Rockin' chair
Live forever (live)
Some might say

Uk-Release: 24.04.1995

Talk tonight
Some might say (Demo) (Japan)
You've got to hide your love away (Japan)
Rock 'n' Roll Star

Australien-Release: ?

Fade away
Cigarettes & Alcohol

Uk-Release: 18.12.1994

(It's good) To be free
Half the world away
Slide away
Cigarettes & Alcohol

Uk-Release: 10.10.1994

I am the walrus (live)
Listen up
Fade away
Live forever

Uk-Release: 08.08.1994

Up in the sky (Acoustic)
Supersonic (live)

Uk-Release: 13.06.1994

D'yer wanna be a spaceman
Alive (8 Track Demo)
Bring it on down (live)

Uk-Release: 11.04.1994

Take me away
I will believe (live)
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