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Liverpool, Echo Arena, 07.10.2008 (Quelle:

Gallagher boys are back

Oasis kicked off their new tour to a sell-out Liverpool crowd last night.

You could feel the anticipation and expectancy flowing through the audience before they had even got on stage, with sing-a-longs and the obligatory pint throwing contest.

Boxer Ricky Hatton came on to introduce the band to rapturous applause, and in reference to Noel Gallgher being pushed off stage by a fan said, " If anyone wants to come on stage, like in Canada, you'll have to F*****g deal with me!"

Noel broke his ribs in Canada and I suspect that if it had happened tonight, 10,000 adoring fans would have torn the perpetraitor to shreds.

When they finally came on stage the aptly named Echo Arena exploded with noise which threatened to drown out the opening of Rock 'n' Roll Star.

Once the levels had been arranged to the rockers' taste, they proceeded to belt out crowd favourites such as Lyla and Cigarettes and Alcohol, with new single The Shock of The Lightning, which was well received.

New drummer Chris Sharrock was like a man possessed as Noel dedicated the gig to the scouser, who was formerley Robbie Williams' stick-man. Think keith moon but sober.

Noel had the arena in the palm of his hand after playing an immense verson of The Masterplan but was then almost upstaged by Liam's Songbird, which showcased the frontmans full growling range.

Slide Away and Morning Glory had the audience bouncing by the halfway stage, as the smell of beer began to get stronger and stronger the more the crowd sang to their favourite tunes.

The biggest sing-a-long of the night was reserved for Wonderwall as you could tell that by this stage the whole band had relaxed and almost began to enjoy themselves.

Ending with Supersonic and the wonderful Don't Look Back In Anger the band and the crowd merged into one, glorious, beer-induced, rock 'n' roll, orgy of togetherness that will live long in the memory of a few lucky scousers.

An encore that showcased the amazing new song Falling Down, which was a personal favourite, was followed by a ethereal Champagne Supernova and a gut-busting version of I Am The Walrus, which is now a synonimous ending with Oasis.

The boys from Burnage swaggered on and off the stage like real Rock 'n' Roll stars should.

Whenever Oasis have a break from their art, the music industry seems to take a dip in quality and if they make people pick up their guitars and form bands in homage to their heroes, then the next couple of years will produce some better bands.

It's great to have them back.

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