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Glasgow, SECC, 15.12.2005 (Quelle:

Now these guys know what they're doing, and so they should. In addition to the fact they have been performing worldwide now for more than 10 years, they still have the barefaced arrogance to put on a remarkably impressive show.

Amid the aeroplane hangar-like surroundings of Glasgow's SECC and a 10,000-strong crowd, Liam Gallagher stands, flanked to the left by Andy Bell and Gem Archer with brother Noel holding up on the left, motionless, staring into the lights, chin aloft. And this, it would appear, is all he needs to do in order to get the beer-soaked mob jumping to the bass and pointing fingers in mid-air.

The band's ingenuity is faultless as they swagger through a set of their latest material from last summer's hit album, Don't Believe the Truth – Lyla, Mucky Fingers and Turn Up The Sun – and the ever popular classics, Masterplan and Champagne Supernova. Even Kate Moss gets a dedication in the form of (What's the Story) Morning Glory. The urgent strains of Liam are lucidly complemented by the more dreamily introverted tones of Noel, a reticent reminder of these brothers' original inspiration, Lennon and McCartney.

This year Oasis have achieved the No 1 spot twice as press and public alike heralded a return to their Definitely Maybe form. In fact, Oasis have ebbed and flowed through the past decade, evolving and adapting. Now it is a mixed crowd that pours through the doors to see them; from those who were there for Supersonic first time round to a freshly excited younger generation of moochy teenagers. Their reason for still successfully existing remains as clear as it was when they were first spotted in Glasgow, 12 years ago. Perhaps their rock'n'roll will indeed Live Forever.

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