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Milton Keynes, National Bowl, 09.07.2005 (Quelle:

Sound: 5
Perfomance: 5
Impression: 5

Overall: 5

The sound of the the concert was amazing; guitars, bass, vocals and drums all sounding great. The preformance was amazing mixing up new and classics in the set kept the whole crowd happy.

Sound: The sound of the the concert was amazing; guitars, bass, vocals and drums all sounding great. Liam in top form with his singing while Noel and Gem guitars packing a punch with their range of Gibsons, the odd Telecaster and acoustics. Andy stuck wiv his burns bass the hole time I think and Zak's drumming sound gave the music its edge. [5]

Perfomance: The preformance was amazing mixing up new and classics in the set kept the whole crowd happy. The set list (can't remeber exactly but I'll get close as I can):

01. F--kin' In The Bushes - played throught the speakers as the band came on stage great and got the crowd going 9/10.
02. Turn Up The Sun - great opener got everyone in the front pit jumpin including me 9/10.
03. Lyla - good song well played not a fav of my but still good 7/10.
04. Morning Glory - amazing song the ctowd really started goin after they played this song which they also dedicated to the people in the crowd 9/10.
05. Cigarettes And Alcohol - people jumping and pushing in enjoyment as soon as Noel hit the 1st fue notes everyone singin along 1 of the best all night 10/10.
06. Acquiesce - another great song people singing the whole way through Noel's voice in the chorus was brilliant 9/10.
07. The Importance Of Being Idle - well played by the whole band and awesome high pitch singing by Noel to show the crowd exactly why the brung it out as a single 9/10.
08. Little By Little - beautiful song played great another great song by of the night 9/10.
09. Bring It On Down - not a favorite but sounded pretty good live could have picked a better song but still 7/10.
10. Live Forever - dedicated to all the people in London to do with the bombing definitely top 5 of the night 10/10.
11. A Bell Will Ring - great song for live outdoor areas very enjoyable song 8/10.
12. Songbird - lovely song brilliantly sung and played 8/10.
13. Mucky Fingers - good song thumping beat all the way through and really cool marmonica solo by Gem 8/10.
14. Wonderwall - pretty good song the whole crowd joined in and it sounded much better on eletric 9/10.
15. Champagne Supernova - another amazing song top 5 song again everybody singin their hearts out and great lighting work 10/10.
16. Rock 'n' Roll Star - brilliant song great use of visual effects perfectly placea and perfect choice of of name for a great rock n roll band top 2 10/10.

17. Guess God Thinks I'm Abel - beautiful song wrote by Liam well played and a good crowd calmer 9/10.
18. The Meaning Of Soul - I actually dislike the song but even this song live sounded almost as good as the rest 7/10.
19. Don't Look Back In Anger - another of Oasis's greats that Noel would'nt have needed 2 sing beacuse the everyone sung the song as loud as they could top 3 of all the songs 10/10.
20. My Generation - a fanominal cover of The Who's song the pit was jumping like crazy possibly the best song all night probably joint 1st with champange supernova or rock n roll star everyone jumping and singing as the show drew to the end 10/10.

And when oasis went off they speakers started to play let it be and everyone loved it it was a great 10/10 preformance from the Gallaghers, Gem, Andy and Zak. [5]

Overall Impression: UK, Milton Keynes, National Bowl, July 9. Had 4 opening acts - Red Walls were brilliant. 22-20s ok not really my thing. Strange Machines terrible and boring as hell. Th Zutons soo godd they could have been the hosts of the show. I loved the Whole show apart frm the fact that they didn't play Supersonic which is a shame. For £32.50 the tickets were more than worth the money. The most unforgetable moment was just watching them walk onto the stage especially Liam with his swagger. If I had the chance I'd go to see them again id take the chance and probably enjoy it just as much or more. [5]

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