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Manchester, City of Manchester Stadium, 02.07.2005 (Quelle:

Saturday: Oasis @ City of Manchester Stadium

4/5 stars

Lawrence Poole

IN a world where fast food chain McDonald's can sponsor a Destiny's Child' tour, Oasis have always been rightly hailed as a 'band of the people' – but on Saturday night I didn't expect to see quite so much of them.

As the Burnage boys introduced themselves to the sold out crowd, a crash barrier borke and the crowd were treated to half an hour of a mammary-gland fest, courtesy of several ladies in the audience revealing their chests on the big screens by way of passing the time until a replacement was tracked down – it made for quite a support (less) act.

Any disillusionment that the gathered masses may have felt at what Janet Jackson would have probably tagged a 'barrier malfunction', quickly subsided following this goodnatured fun and by the time Noel, Liam, Gem, Andy and Zak took to the stage and laid into new album opener Turn Up The Sun, it was only ever going to be a sing-a-long.

A well-chosen set saw the band pepper the audience with a clutch of the best tracks from the group's sixth studio LP, Don't Believe The Truth.


And although Lyla may have switch the crowd into full-on mosh mode, it was forthcoming single The Importance of Being Idle which stood out the most.

Of course, the majority understandably had snaffled up tickets to hear the mega hits from the first two albums and thankfully, a strangely absent Supersonic aside, they got them.

Drummer Zak Starkey used all his experience to power on a thunderous Cigarettes and Alcohol, and Live Forever and Champagne Supernova proved typically anthemic.

But for all the uplifting rock 'n' roll bluster, it was Liam's moving delivery of Songbird and a passionate rendition of Don't Look Back In Anger by Noel which provided the night's most memorable moments.

It even seemed to move Liam too, comically bedecked in a red leather jacket at the home of his 'super Blues', as he lingered long after set closer My Generation to applaud each section of the crowd.

Last year's Glasto may have been a disappointment for many, but Oasis thankfully (excuse the pun) certainly saved their breast for Manchester.

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