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Glasgow, Hampden Park, 29.06.2005 (Quelle:

Oasis leave Hampden in a cold sweat
By Stephen McKenna

Rating: 5/5 stars

A sold out, sweaty Hampden Stadium saw five bands play in front of a bustling, eager crowd of mostly lager louts on Wednesday (June 29th).

With four support bands, rock giants Oasis were sure to pull off a gig of epic proportions and if my bruised arms and legs are anything to go by, this was definitely achieved!

Hand-picked by Noel Gallagher, first support band The Redwalls, played to a quiet crowd early on in the day. Influenced by the 60s and 70s school of rock, The Redwalls have Lennon-esque vocals and Rolling Stones Guitars. Their debut album De Nova is out now.

Following The Redwalls were Liverpool four-piece The Stands. As the gates opened at 3pm and most people would still be nagging their boss trying to get off work early so that they could go to the gig, there was still a distinct lack of bodies on the pitch - though the decent gathering of excited souls gave the band plenty of mutual devotion.

Things started to heat up as The Futureheads joined the stadium bill. The Sunderland quartet formed about five years ago and have slowly but surely found their way into the eyes and ears of the general public in the form of their self-titled debut album, which was released in March this year.

I was surprised to hear rumours that The Super Furry Animals were also supporting Oasis on Wednesday. Sure enough, on come the Furrys with Gruff Rhys donning his - now trademark - Power Rangers Helmet, singing Slow Life with a Mic pointed up at his helmet.

The Super Furry Animals doubled the size of the crowd in the space of one song and really got the Hampden party started. They played material from their seven studio albums, with brilliant renditions of Do or Die, Something 4 The Weekend, Juxtaposed With U and (Drawing) Rings Around The World.

The only bad point of their performance was that there was a bit of a lull in the middle where they were quite boring but songs like Do or Die, new song Lazer Beam and Man Don't Give a **** really got the crowd going.

The Furrys left the stage thanking the audience and telling everyone to enjoy Oasis. As soon as the 'O' word was mentioned, everyone began to make their way to the front of the crowd and the place started to get a whole lot warmer.

The 'Mad for it' Manchester boys stomped on stage around 9pm after the organisers asked the crowd to step back a few steps because the people up the front were uncomfortable. Much 'booing' ensued and the gig commenced regardless.

Liam, clad in a black suit, rimmed hat and dark black sunglasses, swaggered on to deafening shouts of 'OASIS!' and 'LIAM!'

Opening with new song Turn Up The Sun and following with the number one single Lyla, Oasis had the crowd in hysteria and anyone near the front quickly felt like human pinballs as the 'pogoing' reached fever-point and everyone got very over-excited!

The excitement started to die down after about four songs as people started to retreat to a more sedate safe-haven nearer the lighting rig.

Highlights of the evening were reserved for the more classic songs in Oasis's repertoire. Songs like Rock and Roll Star, Live Forever and Champagne Supernova proved to be the best crowd pleasers.

The band disappeared after an hour and came back to play old favourites Don't Look Back in Anger and Wonderwall.

The band play brilliantly live and did not disappoint the crowd by playing too much of their new material.

Ringo Starr's son Zak Starkey is the band's new drummer and he makes a great addition to Oasis. He is a lot more gifted than his father at snare bashing and he injects a bit of fresh blood into the ageing kings of 'Britpop'.

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