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London, Astoria, 10.05.2005 (Quelle:

Oasis live at the Astoria

Ricky Gervais on the balcony above you. The crowd chanting 'you fat bastard' at him; Oasis at an intimate venue, filled only by 2000 eager spectators. Gigs like this don't happen very often, and the Gallaghers had every intention of making this a night to remember. Did they succeed? Too fookin' right!

As 'Fuckin' in the Bushes' started, the band rolled onstage, and proceeded to tear into 'Turn Up The Sun,' the first track from their new record. What sounds a little stilted on record was actually a perfect set opener, and, even though the album isn't (legally) available yet, this didn't prevent the crowd from bouncing around like the drunken fools we were.

I have seen Oasis twice before: at Finsbury Park in 2002, and at Glastonbury last year. The first gig was excellent; the latter was very lacklustre, with Liam's voice swamped by the instruments, and Zak Starkey's drumming doing little to help the performance. However, this time round Ringo Jr's performance was exceptional, rightly deserving the round of applause he was given as Noel allowed him to take a bow.

Even on a night where they left out 'Supersonic,' Oasis triumphed. The new album is a vast improvement on 'Heathen Chemistry,' and the songs were played with a true passion. Their crowd interaction was top notch too, with Liam saying 'this one's called 'A Bell Will Ring,' but you've probably already heard it… you greedy f**kers.'

With Liam on top form (his song writing has come a long way since 'Little James') and Noel's fantastic delivery of 'Don't Look Back in Anger,' Oasis look set to win back those who have lost faith in them over the past few years. I was included in that number a couple of weeks ago, but no more. The surprise inclusion of 'Headshrinker' was a bonus, and there seems to be new life in this old band yet. Testament to this is the fact that with all the classics performed, I came away singing one of Noel's new songs, 'The Importance of Being Idle.' Here's to a other ten years of noise and confusion.

Craig Williams

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